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I help build happier leaders.  Because when people are happy and aligned with their own values they foster deeper connections, build better cultures and perform at higher levels.

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Let's get real...

This industry can be a burnout factory. 

I believe when we're working from a place of alignment with our personal values and deep genuine connection with others, we're happier people.  Our work becomes fun again, and life just. gets. better.  Ready to transform yourself and your team? 

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My signature "Own Your Agency" workshop is perfect for groups of executives or groups of rising talent.


For Executives and Emerging Talent.  Ask me about corporate rates for your whole team.


Have a specific issue your team is facing?  Need an outsiders perspective and some tough-love?  I'm your guy.

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I’m Michael,
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I believe in connecting with people over everything else, and GENUINE connection is the most important thing. 

Business is Personal -- It was the motto of the first company I'd ever been a part of, and man did that "people first" mentality shape the way I've built teams ever since.  I've led huge teams and small start-ups, but the companies where I've seen the most success were from the ones where leaders took care of their people - FIRST.

HYPE guy, writer, strategic leader, and dad who never passes up a good game.

I help emerging and established leaders cultivate their leadership skills, align their goals, find joy in the work they're here to do.  

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Whether you're a seasoned executive or a rising star who wants to set a good foundation for your next promotion, I'm in your corner helping you take aligned action the whole way.

The problem with advertising is that it's supposed to be fun, but I've never seen a group of more miserable people. 

It's shocking.

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own your agency workshop

Lay the foundation for individual empowerment and build a culture of success with this dynamic group program.

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The three most powerful questions.

the 3 most powerful questions

Download this quick ebook to help you get started building a deeper relationship with yourself, so you can deepen your connection to the world around you. 

wisdom from the


"All we have to decide is what to do with the time that is given to us."
- J.R.R. Tolkein

wisdom from the


"Life isn't about finding yourself.  Life is about creating yourself."
- George Bernard Shaw

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  Stories have shaped our lives for millennia.  Go on your own hero's journey and check out a few of my best recommendations on leadership, personal adventure, and business:

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On the train, in the car, as I shower - I love having experts in my ear challenging the status quo one episode at a time. 

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my Go-To health habits

It all starts with our personal health, right?    My body sure isn't what it was when I was 20, You gotta find what works for you for optimal health, but here  are a few of the game changers I trust whole-heartedly and use daily:

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You've only got one life. 

are you living a life worth telling a story about?

Make it work.  Make it great.  Live on purpose.  Create  your legacy.  Craft your journey.