coaching for executives & emerging leaders

build a culture that cares

Elevate your agency's performance by nurturing the incredible potential already within your people.

When your culture is strong, and your people are cared for and feeling valued, they're going to be happier - which changes EVERYTHING.

When you care about your people, your people care about the work. It's cyclical.

Otherwise, you're constantly turning over new talent and you're not able to cultivate and grow good people for the long term. 

When you're not actively creating a culture that cares, you're actually creating a culture of toxicity, bitterness, and unhappiness where the best and brightest are burnt out, work becomes exhausting and unfulfilling, and your people are looking for an escape between meetings. 

Supercharge your approach to talent radically – and quickly – to maintain staff, nurture skills and development, improve culture, and drive business growth.

Why Coaching?


say it shows them that their employer
cares about them.


say it helps them move forward with
their careers.


 say it helps them overcome challenges

 find it valuable for business and life.


*Percentages of people who participate in organizational coaching, according to the 2022 Work Life Coaching Report 

Stat check:

Numbers don't lie.

Group Workshops

6 one hour sessions for teams of 5 - 20 

Group Coaching

Marketing is a team sport. Group coaching is about the the people and the work. It’s about the individual, and how they come together to be a part of the whole. Nurture your team, nurture your groups. 

By building out a team who understands what they want as an individual as well as having true understanding of what the team is trying to achieve we are able to build synergy to allow for the work to thrive and get the most out of all who are involved.

workshops can be adjusted to fit 30 min - 3 hour timeslots

Group Workshops

Inspire your team with 1 time group coaching workshops. Perfect for professional development sessions for your team.

Topics Include: 
- Your EPIC Hero's Journey
- Own Your Agency 
- The 3 Most Important Questions 
- Weaving the Red Thread
*Customized workshops available

Monthly or bi-monthly 90 minute 1:1 sessions sessions (6 session minimum) 

One on One Coaching
For Execs or Emerging Talent

You're successful on paper, but feel like something is off? Something's missing? Maybe even feeling a little out of control? Let's get to the root of it all and map a plan for personal success all along your own hero's journey. With 1:1 coaching you will: 
- Redefine success metrics 
- Gain skills to live with greater alignment
- Build momentum on your life path
- Move from knowledge to ACTION
- Determine your contributions to the greater world

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get coaching for your team:

Increased confidence

Increased engagement


executive coaching leads to:

lowered anxiety

higher reveneue Growth

The results:

client success:

“Michael has changed the way I look at what I want from my career, and how I find happiness in the work that I am doing.”

- Florina, Group Media Director. Estee Lauder

“I never knew how great it could be working with a content creator who GETS it. Mathilde really gets it.”

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- rachel, photographer


coaching for emerging  talent

Cultivate and care for your junior level high-performers, NOW.  Before they end up selling you your next house. 

This type of coaching is typically reserved for execs only, but your emerging talent are exactly the ones who could use this training earlier on... They're the overachievers who could be really fantastic, long-term employees, but in that 3-5 year span, burnout, and stress compounds. 

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invest in your superstars

This often under-cared for group is one key to long-term sustainable agency growth.

empower the

Whole Team:

executive coaching

Grow the leaders who grow leaders. 


You're a millennial or gen-xer looking for alignment as your personal values and lifestyle evolve.  

We'll work on personal alignment - meaning matching our actions with goals and desires, while simultaneously building better leadership and empathy skills to help grow your team and contribution to the world around you. 

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The Manifesto:


- michael cardini

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